1. We announce the 19th Reggio Film Festival.
2. The competition is open to all filmmakers and includes the following sections:
Borders: short movies related to this theme, in all its possible meanings and suggestions.
Laity: special section reserved to all short movies related to the theme Laity.
Family: special section reserved to all short movies suitable for children and families.
Open Category: short movies that are not related to any theme.
Very short length movies will be most welcomed.
3. Registration is free.
4. In order to register a short movie, the registration form available at must be filled.
5. Registration will be confirmed by e-mail with a pdf attached form that must be signed and sent by e-mail at
6. Short movies must be sent by link, valid until November 2020.
7. The link and login details for online viewing must be provided in the specific fields of the registration form.
8. It is mandatory to provide the short movie with English or Italian subtitles and/or a dialogue list with timecode for all non-Italian spoken works.
9. The deadline is May the 15th, 2020
10. The festival committee will select short movies and will assign the proper section for each movie. The organizing committee reserves also the right to introduce special sections, awards and special screening events to give prominence to topics which revealed significant during the selection (eg. short movies related to the territory or dealing with current issues).
Selection results will be announced on website
Selected short movies Authors will be contacted by e-mail.
11. The following prizes will be awarded:
First Prize (1000 euros), to the best short movie themed “Borders”;
Audience Jury award, to the best short movie voted by the Reggio Film Festival audience;
Laity award, to the best short film dealing with the theme, in agreement with the association INIZIATIVA LAICA;
Sound Special Award, in cooperation with RCF S.p.a., assigned to the short movie that has distinguished itself for its particular, original and expressive use of sound, whether it is music, speech or noise;
Family award, to the best short movie for children and families, voted by the audience.
12. The committee reserves the right to use the short movies for other non-profit and cultural purposes, without prejudice to the full ownership of the copyright to the Author.
13. All the short movies submitted to the committee for the selection, will be included in the audiovisual database of Reggio Film Festival and of Municipality of Reggio Emilia. The organizers commit not to use the short movies for commercial purposes in any way.
14. All the short movies received might be choosen by the local libraries of Reggio Emilia and made available for free loan to their users.