composed of Maurizio Di Rienzo, Caterina Carone, Midia Kiasat

Les Baleines ne savent pas nager by Matthieu Ruyssen

A new, reactive, brave story and a lead character who stands up to the bullies and gains his place among the classmates and at the pool, amazing himself and the audience thanks to the surprising touch of direction.

Menzione a

I am afraid to forget your face by Sameh Alaa

A simple yet mature unconventional love story

Menzione ad

Accamòra by Emanuela Muzzupappa

For the photography and acting


Lo Efimero by Jorge Muriel


Lena von Döhren, Angela Mastrolonardo, Lina Vergara Huilcamán, has chosen to assign the Family Award to

Le cri – The Scream

by Charlotte Chouisnard, Ninon Dodemant, Baptiste Leclerc, Solène Michel, Justine Parasote, Anouk Segura-Diaz

For the technical and artistic quality of the animation, its characterization, its sound quality and the fast pace of a crime story that reminds us of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. The animal characters show us an upside-down reality, in which everyday life can (and actually does) turn into a violent scene. A fun and exciting story that will lead children and adults alike to reflect and empathise with the animal kingdom.

The jury also decided to award a special mention to

Kiko et les animaux – Kiko and the Animals

by Yawen Zheng

For its artistic quality, its excellent animation and its narrative construction that, together, give voice to a life story in which it is easy to recognize oneself and on which one can reflect, as happens to the little protagonist who, helped by the animals he had harassed, understands the importance of generosity, understanding, collaboration, support and love of others and for others. A story that invites yesterday’s and today’s children to live in a better world, an antispecist world.

Family Audience Jury award

L’Odyssée de Choum – Shooom’s Odyssey

by Julien Bisaro

Special mentions by the Staff for the Family section

Matilda ir atsarginė galva – Matilda and the Spare Head

by Ignas Meilūnas

Terre de vers – Worms of Earth

by Helene Ducrocq


composed of Gabriele Veggetti, Paola Olivieri, Gianluca Stanzani

Camille et moi by Marie Cogné

Tio Tomas, a contabilidade dos dias by Regina Pessoa

The prize for the best short film, awarded by the SNCCI jury of the Emilia-Romagna and Marche group, composed of Paola Olivieri, Gianluca Stanzani and Gabriele Veggetti, is awarded to “Camille et moi” by French director Marie Cogné for the topicality of the subject matter, but above all for the idea of recounting, through the subjective view of one of the two women, the everyday life of a couple. A life marked by the gaze of others, by the judgement of others, by advice that is imposed but never asked for, by mockery and harsh commentary. Everyone feels entitled to have a say in their story, but to what chapter of history do their rights belong? In spite of this, the freshness and delicacy of a love capable of bearing fruit, of going ahead and triumphing over prejudice, step by step, day by day, remains.

Special Jury Prize for the best artistic contribution to the animated film “Tio Tomas” by Regina Pessoa.
With an intimate and poetic afflatus, the Portuguese director takes us into her fragmentary and poignant childhood memories. In a cinematic world often dominated by the comforts of digital, Regina Pessoa brings her story to life from the blackness of Indian ink. Her images seem almost chiselled, worked with a burin as if they were ancient engravings on wood. The result is a work of rare beauty and extraordinary modernity, in which the black of the Indian ink becomes a biting light, changeable and iridescent, like memories and dreams.

UNIMORE AWARD (ex aequo)

giuria composta dagli studenti del Dipartimento di Comunicazione ed Economia, UNIMORE

Zoo by Will Niava

Vigile by Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau

LAITY AWARD in agreement with the Associazione Iniziativa Laica

Lo Efimero by Jorge Muriel

Iniziativa laica’s choice of the laicity award goes to Lo Efimero, because it tells with extreme delicacy, in an evocative and evocative succession of close-ups of the protagonists in the different ages of their lives, an intimate story of loneliness and difficulty in living their homosexuality. A painful story of frustrations and fears, captured in the ephemeral space of a short journey on the underground, which reminds us that – even today – total freedom to express oneself is still far from being able to unfold fully. A choice that acquires a clear meaning in the light of what happened a few days ago in the Senate on the Ddl Zan, with which we want to remember that the battle for civil rights and self-determination of all and everyone can not be stopped and that it is time to make our voice heard – even through the cinema and art – even stronger than before.


Sintra III by Aitor Echeverría, Ivan Casajús


Le Syndrome de Archibald by Daniel Perez

“Cosa Cambia” contest

1°. Sopravviventi by Mirko Bonezzi

2°. Mai Ka Maluhia by Prendashanseaux

3°. ALlpha Generation by Alex Cattabriga

Special Mentions

Cambia(RE)(LE)menti by Simone Genitoni

Azadeh by Invertido Film

La pelle by Michele Astolfi and Laura Conti

Premio Popolare/Social

Esponenziale by Agbebaku Jerry Ehimen