Reggio Film Festival 2020 winners

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The International Jury composed by Roberto Manassero, Chicco Salimbeni and Txema Munoz has assigned the first prize to Hurlevent by Frédéric Doazan, “for the ability, through an essential drawing style and an ambitious spirit, to create imaginary worlds starting from word, following a principle of destruction and creation which mimics the breath of life”.

Special mention to Champagne by Coralie Lavergne and to Memorable by Bruno Collet.

The SNCCI Jury (Italian National Syndicate of Movie Critics, Emilia-Romagna/Marche section), composed by Veronica Canalini, Gianpiero Ariola and Luca Baroncini, has awarded the short movie Ties by Dina Velikovskaya “for the ability to depict with dense e delicate irony the specific gravity of parting from family nest, portraying the tangible image of the course of relationships with an essential and fresh animation”.

Special mention to the short movie Dcera by Daria Kashcheeva “for the moving clarity by which stop motion is able to depict the tangled movements of subconscious and the most intimate corners of memory”.

Laity Award goes to Indimenticabile by Gianluca Santoni: “the subject – the right to sexuality for people with handicap – which is rarely considered and represented, is here addressed and enriched by a sort of redemption of the young male prostitute who turns a paid and unwanted relation into one capable of understanding the girl’s needs and infusing tenderness”.

Special mention for the Aesthetic of Laity to Hurlevent by Frédéric Doazan: admirable example of laical aesthetic. Emily Bronte book pages flipped by the wind, by the rain (Wuthering Heights? Hurlevent, literally), the deconstruction of texts and images created with letters and words from all languages (the Tower of Babel, pictograms, the binary code, Covid-19 virus, the human cells multiplication, etc) represents a brilliant and refined way of celebrating life and death, the struggle between man (and his feelings) and nature (with its labyrinths).

Public contest Passaggi (Passages) – between barriers and other limits, aimed at videomakers under 35, promoted by the service Officina Educativa – Partecipazione Giovanile e Benessere of Reggio Emilia Township, in collaboration with Reggio Film Festival.

The jury composed by Pasquale Pugliese, Alessandro Scillitani, Manila Ferrari and Arianna Migliari has assigned the first prize to Confini Invisibili by Marta Ascari and Eugen Bonta “for the capacity of going to the essential, for communicating how the sea – that may be and should be a bridge – was transformed into an “invisible border”, into an insuperable barrier which can stop and block, but also swallows and buries. 100 seconds that get to the guts, to the heart and to the mind of the audience”.

Second prize to Where Are You? by Simone Chierici, third prize to Termodinamica by Gruppo Omani Media and a special mention to Binario 2B by the collective Le scalatrici delle Ande “for telling in a poetic and ironic way how to overcome the deepest individual and intimate barriers”.

Social Award, assigned with on-line votes, to La porta by the collective Low Light Vision.

Premio Fedic to Il Fagotto by Giulia Giapponesi.

Premio Sound, assigned to the short movie that has distinguished for its particular, original and expressive use of sound, whether it is music, speech or noise, went to Athleticus: La rencontre by Nicolas Deveaux.

Energee3 Award, assigned to the best short movie with philosophical and scientific content, went to Tiivad by Riho Unt.

Unimore Award, assigned by a jury composed of students of the Communication and Economy Department of Reggio Emilia and Modena University, went ex aequo to Cargo by Christina Tournatzés and to Baradar by Beppe Tufarulo.

Chierici Award, assigned by a jury composed of students from the Artistic High School “Gaetano Chierici” of Reggio Emilia, went to Marionetas by Nacho Clemente.

Two Special mentions were assigned by the Reggio Film Festival staff: All Inclusive by Teemu Nikki (fiction) and Memorable by Bruno Collet (animation).