The winners of Reggio Film Festival 2018

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International Jury Award:
Heyvan by Bhaman Ark (Iran, 15′). 
The man who makes himself animal in order to cross a border is a strong idea that lasts in minds and hearts. It is  a compact and coherent story that capture the audience and narrate a brutal loneliness that does not find redemption anywhere.

Jury Special Mention
Romantik by Mateusz Rakowicz (Poland, 22′). 
The all night long odyssey of a Polish man in Paris is funny but in the deep it turns in a bitter way: being illegal is a part of each of us.

Audience Award
Buffet by Alessandro D’Ambrosi and Santa De Santis (Italy, 18′).

Audience Award – Family Section: 
Moroshka by Polina Minchenok (Russia, 7′ 46”).

Difference is creativity Award
La morte è una livella by Bettina Zironi.
For the skills to tell with irony and originality the theme of diversity, for the ability in collecting with the camera the movements of people and the authenticity of everyday gestures, bringing together oringins and differences.

SNCCI Jury Award
Belle à croquer by Axel Courtière (France, 15′). 
For the eccentric way the encounter clash between carnivores and vegetarians/vegans is dealt by the use of the theme of cannibalism. It is a Bright and ironic black tale that pays a wide tribute to the seventh art, starting from the avant-garde experiments of silent cinema, up to the most recent imaginations by Jean-PierreJeunet. The colorful divertissement uses a lovely linguistic awareness and mixes real actors with animation inserts.

Special Mention by SNCCI Jury
Gridlock di Ian Hunt Duffy (Ireland, 20′). 
for his ability to put on stage a dry and basic thriller, capable to gradually seize the attention of the audience, in a crescendo of emotional tension (the sense of claustrophobia is highly effective, even if the story is set in open air) which ends in a strongly disturbing coup de théâtre.

Laity Award
Evil Deeds by Piotr Domalewski (Poland, 24′). 
For the limpid balance of a movie which is able to keep together the depiction of a teenager on the verge of drifting, his always present ethical and religious concerns and the discovery of human mercy, in the context of a tidy and impersonal setting.

Chierici Award
M.A.M.O.N. by Alejandro Damiani (Uruguay/Mexico, 5′).

Chierici Special Mention
Je ne veux pas mourir by Massimo Loi and Gianluca Mangiasciutti (Italy,7′).

Sound Award
Be My Rebel by Virgil Widrich (Germany, 3′ 45”)

Energee3 Award ex-aequo
Cuánto. Más allá del dinero by Kike Maíllo (Spain, 18′) 
and Compatible by Pau Bacardit (Spain 15′).

Premio USAC
Magic Alps by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi (Italy, 14’ 45’’). 
For the way the film humanizes a global issue and evokes the audience’s raw emotions through cinematic artistry.

USAC Special Mention
Irgendwer by Marco Gadge (Germany, 14’ 30’’).
For powerfully demonstrating the timeless effect a single action can have through the use of both past and
present narratives

Reggio Film Festival Staff Special Mention
Quick’n’Clean by Maria Neheimer (Germany, 13’).